How to show appreciation to employees?

How to show appreciation to employees?

No occasion is required to appreciate your employees and their efforts. Small tokens of encouragement throughout the year help to make them feel valued and appreciated, motivating them to work even harder. Here we have listed down few ways to appreciate your employees:

1. Say thank you

Society niceties belong in the work environment too. Show your appreciation by saying thank you and please whenever required. A civilized and polite workplace does always flourish after all.

2. Provide financial incentives

Offering attendance bonuses, quarterly bonuses, and other incentive tasks never fail to increase employee morale. It keeps them productive and hustling.

3. Fun traditions

A strict and work-only environment is appreciated by no one. Celebrating little things in life is the key to happiness. Don’t forget to celebrate festivals, birthdays, retirements, and your and your employee’s victories and happiness together.

4. Advancement opportunities

Providing advancement opportunities is one of the most important parts of a firm. Noticing their talents and improving their skills will increase their productivity and morale in the long run. Employees genuinely appreciate these opportunities and stick with the organization in the long run. FabHr software helps you to effectively manage your employees and keep them happy. Employee engagement, monitoring, and keeping track of your employee’s productive hours are two of the many things facilitated by this software.

How to set up your office for productivity using HRMS

Improving productivity is the first and foremost goal for any business organization. Productivity levels can make or break any business. The world of HRMS is changing progressively with the introduction of new technology and new software. Many firms choose disparate HR tools which can decrease productivity levels significantly. The solution to all of these is one integrated HRMS software for your business. Learn how to set up your office for productivity using HRMS.

1. Automating tasks

HRMS software allows easy task creation for your employees. It offers easy assignment and monitoring. The time spent on coordinating tasks or looking for them is saved, increasing productivity in turn.

2. Self-service

HRMS software helps employees to manage their tasks easily and conveniently instead of looking for them for hours. Employees save time and can take authority over their tasks.

3. Analytics

HRMS software comes with analytics and reporting functionalities and therefore, helps you to track key workforce metrics.

4. Access to real-time data

HRMS software enables senior employees and managers to have access to real-time data. It improves employee productivity and organizational efficiency. One such HRMS software offering an integrated solution to all your problems is FabHr. Manage all your human resource functions at one place with FabHr now.

How to keep your data secure with HRMS software?

The human resource department of any firm has highly important data. It includes employee data, their payroll and salary data, new candidate’s applications, and much more. There’s a high possibility that this department is more prone to hackers attacks. Therefore, it becomes important to keep your human resource department’s data protected, safe and secure at all times. Learn how HRMS software can help you:

1. IP address restrictions

IP address restrictions help in restricting all remote login processes into the database. Any access will need passwords and compliance policies.

2. Port-based access

Port-based restrictions enable only the assigned ports to access applications and data. Secure HTTP protocols also help to recognize vulnerabilities and protect your data better. All the digital threats can be easily traced by your IT department before any data gets hacked or attacked.

3. Encrypting user credentials

HRMS software helps to encrypt the user credentials of employees and applicants. This sort of protection helps to keep the data highly secure and protected against all digital threats. HRMS software will play a significant role in human resource department functions. Apart from keeping your data safe and secure, it offers many more services. Currently, FabHr has proved to be the most popular and efficient HRMS software, owing to its varied features, accurate information, and reliability.

How to find the best HRMS software for your company?

You cannot find anything if you don’t know what you’re looking for. HRMS software is a necessity in today’s world. Firms are hustling to survive, and if you want to survive, you must keep your productivity level at the maximum at all times. Managing employees, keeping track of their activities, and keeping their information at hand is a tricky and challenging task. The best HRMS software is the solution to all your problems. Learn how to find the best HRMS software for your company.

1. Evaluate

What is the first thing you do when you want to buy something? Look it up on google. After evaluating what you are looking for, google the innumerable HRMS software available today. Look up their reviews, their features, the company they’re associated with, their existing client base, and the price. Research, evaluate, and find your perfect fit.

2. Key features

The best HRMS software is the one that offers you a large number of features without compromising the quality. It should fit in your price range and provide accurate information. Basic HRMS features include recruitment, grievance handling, payroll management, attendance and leave management, onboarding, and email notifications. It should be easy to use. These are the basic steps while choosing the best HRMS software for your company. FabHr HRMS is one such software where you get a large number of features, at a reliable price and glitch-free service.

How the right tool can help your business during layoff?

A layoff is a crucial phase for any business organization. Many reasons can force organizations to downsize it through layoffs. It can be done due to economic declines, mergers, cost-cutting, etc. Successfully implementing a layoff is one of the greatest accomplishments an organization can have. The covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on economic condition of the country. When there is less income in the business, it is an important step to lay off the employees under such circumstances. However, deciding which employees should be laid off is an important step. Sometimes, such information is unavailable with the employer, under such circumstance, it becomes very important to exclude only those who are less productive. Before laying off employees, an employer has to consider selection criteria very carefully. Laying off better and more productive employees can cost the firm in the long run. An employer also has to ensure that it’s not violating an existing agreement or collaborative agreement with any employee. A few typical and common selection criteria are:
    1. Seniority
    2. Merit
    3. Performance
    4. Employee status
    5. Attendance history
    6. Served tenure
A layoff has to be a transparent process to maintain trust between employers and employees. For all of this to be conducted successfully, an employer needs to have a well-maintained database of their employee’s details and work details. FabHr HRMS software is the key here. It is highly accurate and reliable and stores all your information thoroughly. It also helps you to transmit information with your employees if and when required.

How HRMS can help small and medium scaled businesses?

Effective HRMS software can significantly help businesses with their routine tasks and increase their productivity. It could bring impactful benefits to the business. However, HRMS software is often considered unsuitable for small and medium-scaled businesses due to its excessive cost. However, in the present scenario, working with HRMS software has become a necessity to survive. There has always been a prevailing misconception about how small and medium-scale industries can survive without this software, but this software can be particularly beneficial for them. Learn more about how HRMS software can help small and medium-scaled businesses.

1. Recruitment

The labor market is vast but talented laborers are few. Due to its small-scale and limited expenditure capability, it becomes difficult for small-scale industries to hire talented employees. In this scenario, investing a little in HRMS software can become beneficial for the recruitment process. It can help you to recruit the best without putting in more effort.

2. Performance management

A small-scale business has the same need to manage its workforce as large firms. However, they lack a separate system for everything due to limited resources. HRMS software brings you an integrated solution for all your problems in one place, and at an affordable rate. Are you confused about which HRMS software will be most suitable for your company? Think no more! FabHr HRMS software brings you the highest number of features at the lowest rates without compromising its accuracy and reliability. Learn more about it on our website or contact us now.

How can HRMS software help organizations conquer disruptions?

Small and medium scaled businesses face numerous challenges when it comes to HR functions. It includes disparate systems to disruptive software updates and sometimes, the absolute absence of automation. Manual management of HR functions leads to errors and omissions, thereby decreasing productivity. Learn how HRMS software can help your business organization to conquer disruption.

1. Onboarding

Having an efficient onboarding process is one of the most important assets of any organization. Using HRMS software makes the whole process automated and convenient. It facilitates seamless communication between existing employees and new hires. It also includes short descriptions and a welcome process, eliminating the confusion and offering a warm welcome for new hires.

2. Employee training

There’s always room for improvement. Developing employee’s skills and aptitudes helps in increasing organizational productivity and employee satisfaction. Employee skills can be enhanced with proper training and development. Using HRMS software, these training and development programs can be effortlessly streamlined across all departments.

3. Reduction of manual HR workload

Managing tasks manually can be tiring and can lead to errors and omissions of important information. With using HRMS software, all tasks are automated and accurate. It helps to increase organizational productivity and efficiency. FabHr HRMS software is one such software where you can get all the features integrated into one single place. It is affordable and comes with a one-month free subscription. Get FabHr HRMS software today and work stress-free.

Employee absenteeism: Causes and solutions

Employee absenteeism is the frequent absence of an employee from work. It excludes paid or authorized leaves. Business firms have leave policies for their employees because they understand it is not easy to show up for work every day. But when this leave becomes very frequent, it is called absenteeism and creates a problem for the organization. Few reasons for employee absenteeism and their solutions:

1. Employee engagement

Employee engagement is the practice followed in business firms to bring employees closer to each other and create healthy relationships. When employees don’t feel involved in their professional and social group, their morale decreases, and they tend to stay away from work. To avoid this, employers should ensure that they instill a sense of belonging among their employees and appreciate their efforts timely.

2. Flexible work schedule

A flexible work schedule has become a necessity instead of a luxury. Employees have their personal and social life along with their professional. Employers need to understand this and let their employees live a soundly balanced life overall. This will also help them to keep their mental health healthy and increase their productivity. FabHr HRMS software is the solution to all of these. It helps in keeping your employees engaged by providing in-built chat options and track your employee’s activity and productive hours. While offering a flexible work schedule, it is also important to ensure work productivity is not compromised. FabHr helps in all of the above-mentioned problems faced by employers and many more.

Deal with work stress using payroll HRMS

With the availability of innumerable HRMS software available today, it’s common to find payroll bundled up in one of its features. A payroll function is used to calculate and pay net wages and salaries to employees. Calculating payrolls manually stands a risk of intended fraud, and rookie mistakes, leading to strained professional relationships, increased efforts, and time and stress. Learn how to deal with work stress with payroll HRMS.

1. Compatibility

The basic but essential function of any payroll system is paying employees correctly. When all the data is kept in one place, the possibility of errors and omissions is significantly reduced.

2. Security

The payroll database contains a great deal of sensitive information of employees, including social security numbers, bank details, and other personal information. When all of such data is kept at one safe and secure location, the risk of data breach and loss is minimized.

3. Accuracy

Payroll HRMS releases highly accurate and reliable data. This means additional efforts of proofreading and correcting errors are eliminated.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Using one integrated HRMS system including all features is cost-effective, convenient, and easy to use. FabHr HRMS system is one such integrated system that offers all features in one place. It is affordable, reliable, and highly accurate in its results.

Can you measure passion in candidates during interview?

Being an employer, it is obvious you want a candidate who’s passionate about their jobs and what they do for a living. But can you find out a passionate employee through interviews? Yes! Follow these interview strategies and get the perfect fit for the job. 1. Ask the candidates how they stay up to date in their field. If their answer solely revolves around their professional and formal training, maybe they’re not as passionate as you’d want. However, if they have the information they invested their time in, without bringing up the formal knowledge, maybe the person in front of you is passionate. 2. Ask candidates how often they connect with others in the same profession. What do they talk about? What information do they exchange? Are both of them up to date with the latest news? Did these connections help them? 3. Ask motivational fit questions. Ask them about when they have been most satisfied with their work-life in the company? If the answers include NS factors only and nothing about the interesting work they have done in their field, they’re not passionate. FabHr HRMS software is a tool that not only helps you to conduct virtual interviews seamlessly but also helps in recruitment. It screens out unsuitable candidates, saving time and effort.