Why automation is tough for small business?

Why automation is tough for small business?

“Change is the only constant in life.” Adaptability is one of the most important aspects of any business, irrespective of its scale. However, as important as it is, it is also equally challenging. It requires efforts, acceptance, and a large amount of capital. This is one of the reasons why small-scale businesses are resistant to change. With technological advancement, there are numerous software and machinery introduced in the market. One of them is HRMS software. Managing human resource tasks manually can be tiring and prone to errors. It doubles the efforts and significantly reduces productivity. To avoid this, using HRMS software for your tasks as an employer is necessary and useful. One of the most important tasks for any HR is recruitment. Hiring a talented individual for your organization is a priority for every employer. However, due to the growing competition and limited resources, it is highly difficult to do so. Using HRMS software can significantly make the recruitment process easier and more efficient for you. It eliminates the bulk of unnecessary information and filter applicants for the employer. It screens out the completely inappropriate candidates and helps in decision-making as well. It is one of the most valuable features of any HRMS software. FabHr is one such HRMS software, offering recruitment and other services such as attendance and leave management, grievance handling, email notifications, onboarding, and much more. Learn more about it on our website.

Tips for effective team meetings

Organizing and conducting an effective team meeting with your colleagues and employees is one of the most important tasks an employer/manager is required to do. However, due to the global pandemic and work from home becoming the new trend, team meetings are conducted online. With the mental toll the covid-19 pandemic took on all of us, it is difficult to be concentrated and productive, making the meetings even more difficult. Here’s how you can maintain your productivity levels and conduct an effective team meeting:

1. Clear objectives

While conducting a meeting, it is important to avoid straying off from the main topic. Initially, a meeting should have a clear agenda and purpose, and everyone involved should stick to it throughout.

2. Set an end time

While working from home, we often tend to lose track of time and continue the meeting unnecessarily. Being a meeting leader, you should set an end time for the meeting and stick to it.

3. Effective online collaboration tool

Using an effective online platform to conduct team meetings is a necessity. It should be safe, secure, and free from glitches. One such online platform is FabHr HRMS software. Along with its project management functionality, it is a great solution to replace meetings. Conduct productive team meetings and get rid of online glitches with FabHr HRMS software

Why software industry couldn’t reach to small scale industries?

Currently, small-scale industries face several challenges regularly such as technology, labor, power, and much more. This is mainly because of their small size and limited capital. They cannot take advantage of the resources available and as a result, lose their motivation. In some cases, it also leads to the closing down of the industry. With the advancement of technology, it has become mandatory to go digital. From external client communication to internal completion of tasks, it is all automated. Surviving in the industry without technology and the latest software is unlikely. One such need of today’s business world is HRMS software. While handling tasks manually, there were increased possibilities of errors and omissions. This in turn led to doubling of efforts and time with reduced productivity. To avoid such rookie mistakes, several HRMS software has been introduced in the industry over time with different features and at a varying price. One such software is FabHr HRMS software. Few benefits of using FabHr software are:

1. Cost-effective

Are you worried you won’t be able to afford HRMS software? Worry no more! FabHr software is highly affordable without compromising its quality and productivity. It also offers one month FREE trial period without any prior commitments to continue your subscription.

2. Quality

Serving our customers to the best of our abilities is our first and foremost priority. We never compromise with the quality and technicality of our software. Instead, we offer several glitch-free features at a highly affordable rate to serve our customers best. Our software comes with various features such as payroll and leaves management, attendance management, recruitment, email notifications, and grievance handling. Visit our website or contact us today to know more!

The ultimate guide for employee management

Employee management is significant for the smooth functioning of a business. A major part of your business’s success depends upon employees. Therefore, it is important and tricky. Here’s an ultimate guide for employee management.

1. Using onboarding tools for your business

New hires often require a helping hand while navigating the complexity of the new business environment. According to a report, 43% of new hires leave their jobs in the first three months due to false job descriptions. It also suggests that sometimes business organizations offer insufficient onboarding programs.

2. Conducting employee survey practices

As per a report, 90% of workers tend to stay within the organization which at least considers their feedbacks. Conducting a short, thoughtful, and meaningful survey is the key here. Moreover, it’s a great idea to share the results with a positive attitude among the employees.

3. Develop employee’s professional skills

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows that self-actualization needs bring the most satisfaction to the employees. Tracking your employee’s performance will help you to recognize the areas of required improvements. Following the above-mentioned tips, engage your employees in discussions too. FabHr HRMS software provides an efficient and trustworthy platform for in-built chatting facilities. It will increase communication levels in both vertical and horizontal hierarchy both. It can increase productivity, employee satisfaction, and boost innovation.

Successful strategies of using HRMS tool

Managing too many duties, tasks and data manually can be challenging and tiring. As always, technology is at our service. With the introduction of HRMS tools, tasks such as recruitment, attendance and leave management, payroll management, email notifications, grievance handling, and much more are automated. This increases the accuracy and efficiency and eliminates all possibilities of petty errors and omissions. Learn successful strategies of using the HRMS tool

1. Information handling

It is ideal to store all your important information in one safe and secure place. It provides easy access, convenient management, and safety from data breaches and loss.

2. Tracking performance

While working from home or office, a manager needs to keep track of his employee activities. HRMS tool helps to track your employee’s activities at anytime from anywhere, keeping your productivity level at its peak. Apart from the two general benefits, HRMS tools come with numerous features as mentioned above. FabHr software is one such software that significantly helps to reduce your workload and work stress by offering integrated solutions to all your problems. It is accurate and affordable.

Strategies to manage remote employees

The restrictions imposed due to the covid-19 pandemic are making things difficult for all business organizations to manage their employees and keep them productive. According to a report by Society for human resource management, 71% of employers are finding it quite challenging and difficult to manage their employees. In this blog, we’ve compiled strategies on how to manage remote employees effectively and maintain their productivity:

1. Workflow changes

With the changes in the work environment, employees might find it difficult to access important information and data of the company. To facilitate this, it is important for the company to get an intuitive timesheet platform. This will let the employees view and access the required details easily from home.

2. Communication

One of the most important strategies to keep in mind while working from home is overcoming physical barriers to communication. It is important to maintain the line of communication vertically and horizontally for the smooth functioning of the business. Implementing a built-in chat option among all the staff members is necessary.

3. Track productivity

Work from home norms has instilled lethargy in employees. Therefore, to keep your business running in the long run, it is important to keep track of their productivity all the times. FabHr HRMS software can shoot all the above three targets with one arrow and can do much more. It can help to maintain effective communication, schedule meetings, providing easy access to information and keeping productive.

Recruitment strategies using HR management software

Recruitment is the key task of human resource management software. The growth of an organization largely depends on it. Recruitment of genuinely hardworking employees will satisfy a firm’s requirements perfectly. With the growing use of HR management software in business organizations, learn how it can help you in the recruitment process.

1. Job description

Recruitment is a never-ending process. Vacancies keep on arising at different levels of the organization. To hire the best employees, it is important to know what the job constitutes. Communication of accurate job description with candidates will ensure smooth and crystal clear communication,

2. Strategy

Make your recruitment strategy powerful by covering the following parameters: a. Performance level: Strategies for recruiting employees depending upon the performance level required. b. Experience level: The candidate’s experience level differs from being a student to experienced professionals. The employer should be clear with the experienced firm’s needs.

3. Making the best recruitment strategy

Every company wants to hire the best talent available. Hiring an external recruitment service can prove to be expensive for the firm. Therefore, an HR recruiter is a more convenient and budget-friendly option. HR management software available today can help HR recruiters to hire the perfect fit for the position. It can come up with an accurate job description and weed out unsuitable candidates. FabHr software helps you to recruit the best conveniently than before. From screening out the unsuitable candidates to scheduling interviews and smoothening the selection procedure, it can do it all.

Re-skill your workforce for brighter future

Re-skilling refers to training your employees and instilling new skills in them to equip them for a new and better position in the organization. It has proved to be an effective way of addressing the dilemma of emerging technologies. In this blog, we have devised few ways to re-skill your workforce:

1. Continuous learning culture

Employees always look forward to upgrading their skills and keeping them in line with the latest technology. It provides them with a sense of security and self-satisfaction. Business organizations who want to stay in long run should offer learning programs to their employees while working too. Analyze and recognize their weak points, offer them your support and watch them grow. You can offer several methods like on-the-job training, off-the-job training, blended learning, or peer learning.

2. Digital era

With the increasing use of digital gadgets and technologies in businesses today, it is important to keep your employees and your firm up to date. Digital advancement is an ongoing reality and therefore, businesses should keep in line with it. Old employees who’re not aware of this should be put into training programs to close the gap. FabHr HRMS software offers easy and convenient solutions for all your HR problems. Get our app today and run your business smoothly.

How to tackle payroll fraud?

Payroll fraud is one of the biggest challenges faced by employers and employees today. It is a type of accounting fraud implemented by employees who have access to employee details. Firms that have not implemented security controls in their financial department are exposed to a higher risk of payroll fraud. In this blog, we have listed down few methods to save yourself from payroll fraud:

1. Monitoring payroll records

Employers and employees must go through everything mentioned on their payroll sheet before signing it. Frauds in organizations tend to flourish in a lethargic atmosphere.

2. Audit payroll

Every responsible employer must audit their employee’s payroll sheets quarterly or half-yearly. Auditing should be done by an outsider or someone from a different department to ensure accuracy and fairness.

3. Beware of canceled checks

While signing cheques for employees, go through the amount entered thoroughly. When canceling any signed cheque, ensure that it’s successfully canceled. Always avoid signing a blank cheque, no matter how trusted the person is.

4. Payroll provider

As businesses grow and expand, it becomes difficult for the human resource department to keep track of all the activities manually. Under such circumstances, seek professional help. Hire a reputed payroll provider to ensure efficiency and eliminate all chances of errors and fraud. FabHr HRMS software is one such reputed payroll provider. It is easy to use, accurate, reliable, trusted and one of the best software available in the market today.

How to show appreciation to employees?

No occasion is required to appreciate your employees and their efforts. Small tokens of encouragement throughout the year help to make them feel valued and appreciated, motivating them to work even harder. Here we have listed down few ways to appreciate your employees:

1. Say thank you

Society niceties belong in the work environment too. Show your appreciation by saying thank you and please whenever required. A civilized and polite workplace does always flourish after all.

2. Provide financial incentives

Offering attendance bonuses, quarterly bonuses, and other incentive tasks never fail to increase employee morale. It keeps them productive and hustling.

3. Fun traditions

A strict and work-only environment is appreciated by no one. Celebrating little things in life is the key to happiness. Don’t forget to celebrate festivals, birthdays, retirements, and your and your employee’s victories and happiness together.

4. Advancement opportunities

Providing advancement opportunities is one of the most important parts of a firm. Noticing their talents and improving their skills will increase their productivity and morale in the long run. Employees genuinely appreciate these opportunities and stick with the organization in the long run. FabHr software helps you to effectively manage your employees and keep them happy. Employee engagement, monitoring, and keeping track of your employee’s productive hours are two of the many things facilitated by this software.
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