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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement – FabHR Solutions Private Limited

At FabHR Solutions Private Limited, we prioritize the protection of your confidential information. We firmly believe in ensuring transparency regarding our data practices when you engage with our services. FabHR offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions tailored for human resources management and payroll processing. This includes our web platform, FabHR Mobile Apps, and operation of the website.

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User Categories and Scope of Policy:

At Users may fall into two categories: entities, such as employers or their resellers/distributors with agreements with FabHR, and individuals like employees or website users. This policy applies to all interactions with FabHR, be it through the Site, Mobile Apps, or any associated services.

Data Handling Procedures:

Our Privacy Policy outlines the procedures governing the collection, usage, access, correction, and disclosure of personal information on and our Mobile Apps. Notably, this policy does not extend to personal data collected by FabHR on behalf of its clients.

Client Privacy Policies and Data Management:

Upon accessing the Site, users will have access to their employer’s privacy policy, detailing the processing of personal information and related rights. FabHR may assist clients in modifying, updating, or removing personal data as per contractual terms.

Definition of Personal Information:

Personal information encompasses data reasonably available to us that pertains to you, whether individually or in combination with other data. This includes information provided for marketing our services or providing support.

Exclusions and Third-Party Services:

This Privacy Policy does not cover Third Party Services accessible via the Site, Services, or Mobile Apps, such as external applicant tracking systems or social media websites.

Acknowledgement of Terms:

By utilizing our services, you acknowledge having read and understood this privacy policy.

EU GDPR Compliance:

For EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, the data controller processing data through the Service is FabHR’s customer. For data collected directly on our website, FabHR acts as the “Data Controller”.

Data Collection and Utilization Practices

  • Personal Information: We collect and process various types of Personal Information at FabHR. This includes basic details such as your name, birthdate, and nationality, as well as employment specifics like job title and start date with the employer. Contact information such as addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are also gathered. We may collect family and dependents’ information, along with financial details like bank account information and salary particulars. Your employment status and history, including termination dates and reasons, are recorded, along with technical details such as IP addresses. Tax declarations and any additional information provided by the customer or voluntarily by you are also part of the data we handle. This information is sourced from customers (employers), end users, or customer administrators, and is generated through your interactions with the FabHR platform.
  • Contact Information: When expressing interest in learning more about our Services, Site, or Mobile Apps, FabHR may request your personal contact details, such as your name, email address, and phone number. By providing this information, you consent to its use for communication purposes, allowing us to respond to your inquiries, comments, and requests. We operate under the GDPR’s legitimate interest principle when processing this data, aiming to engage with you effectively and address your questions.
  • Attendance Logs: In the event that our Customer (Employer) decides to make use of the optional Time and Attendance Software, we will retain and process biometric device logs of users. This is done for the specific purpose of calculating attendance and payroll in accordance with the rules set by the Customer. The information gathered will include employee or attendance IDs, along with timestamps corresponding to punch-in and punch-out entries.
  • Location Information: We do not request, access, or monitor any location-based data from your mobile device during the download or use of the Mobile Apps. However, should you utilize the FabHR Mobile App, you understand, consent to, and agree that your employer may activate location tracking technology for timekeeping purposes. The GDPR’s legal basis for processing this data is the contractual obligation to your employer to execute the Services. In the event that you apply for a job at FabHR via the Site, you may furnish us with your location information by selecting the “Locate me” button. By doing so, you agree, consent to, and acknowledge that we utilize this data to display available job opportunities near your current location. The GDPR’s legal basis for processing this information is your explicit consent.
  • Device Information: When utilizing the Mobile Apps, we might seek permission to access your device’s camera and photo storage. This facilitates tasks like capturing and uploading images, with such access strictly governed by your preferences. You retain the ability to revoke access at the device level whenever you choose. We do not access your device’s camera and photo storage without explicit consent. Additionally, we employ mobile analytics software to enhance our understanding of the Mobile Apps’ functionality on your device. This software may collect data such as usage frequency, in-app events, aggregated usage statistics, performance metrics, and the source from which the application was downloaded. It’s important to note that we do not correlate the information stored within the analytics software with any Personal Information.

    As a service provider, FabHR strictly adheres to collecting information in accordance with the requirements outlined by the customer (employer). Our Master Subscription Agreement governs the delivery, access, and utilization of our Services and Mobile Apps, including the processing of Personal Information and data submitted through Services accounts. The control over the platform and any associated client data lies with the customer (for instance, your employer). For inquiries regarding specific platform settings, the processing of Personal Information within the Platform, or its privacy practices, please reach out to the Customer administrator overseeing the Platform you utilize.

    Customer data is utilized by FabHR in strict accordance with the Customer’s instructions, applicable terms outlined in the Master Service Agreement, the functionality of Services utilized by the Customer, and as mandated by applicable law. Under the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), FabHR acts as the processor of Customer data while the Customer serves as the controller.

Sharing Information and Service Provision

  • Facilitating Access to Third-Party Services: Occasionally, you may navigate to third-party services or websites via our platform. It’s important to recognize that we do not dictate the privacy policies or practices of these third-party services. We advise reviewing their privacy policies to ensure a clear understanding of how they handle your information.
  • Collaboration with Service Providers: By utilizing our services, you implicitly agree to the sharing of your information with third-party service providers. These providers are authorized to utilize your personal information solely for delivering the services we require. These services may encompass email marketing, mapping, customer support, and cloud computing infrastructure.
  • Engagement with Sub-Processors: We enlist individuals and entities to execute specific tasks on our behalf, known as sub- processors. These entities operate under our jurisdiction and may include email service providers, mapping service providers, and customer support providers. When necessary for providing our services to you, we may disclose personal information to our sub-processors. It’s important to note that our sub-processors are contractually obligated to utilize the shared personal information solely for assisting us. Transfers of information to subsequent third parties are governed by onward transfer agreements between FabHR and each sub-processor. You can find a list of FabHR’s sub-processors that process personal information of individuals located in the EU here.
    Name Purpose
    AWS Cloud For hosting application
    Meeting MS Team | Google Meet | Zoom
    Google App Google meet and Google Calendar shall be used for scheduling purposes. This shall depend upon the preferences set by the customer.
    OneSignal For sending push notifications to mobile
    In specific circumstances, we may find it necessary to disclose Personal Information in response to lawful requests from public authorities, including those related to national security or law enforcement. Additionally, we reserve the right to access, review, retain, and disclose any information that we reasonably believe is essential to: (i) comply with applicable laws, regulations, legal procedures, or governmental requests; (ii) enforce this Privacy Policy, including investigating potential violations thereof; (iii) identify, prevent, or address fraud, security issues, or technical problems; (iv) respond to user support inquiries; or (v) safeguard our rights, property, or safety. This may involve sharing information with other entities for fraud prevention and spam/malware mitigation. We mandate that all third parties respect the security of your Personal Information and handle it in compliance with relevant laws. We do not authorize third-party service providers and Sub-Processors with whom we share your Personal Information to utilize it for their own purposes; they are only permitted to process your Personal Information for specified purposes as per our instructions. Except as stated above, you will receive notification when your Personal Information is shared with third parties, and you will have the option to prevent such sharing. Without your consent, we will only share your Personal Information as outlined in this Privacy Policy.
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