Modernized full-fledged Payroll and Expense Management System

Payroll and Expense management is one of the most exhausting yet crucial tasks that HR and finance teams need to handle. Lots of calculations, manual paper work, sorting and organization of data, numbers and the list is endless. You need to make use of the innovative applications of AI in automating such HR operations to help your team with creating an accurate payroll and expense slips with just a few clicks and dabs on the keyboard.

With the power of automation we have curated the best payroll management software india, wherein all the tax calculations pertaining to payroll, tracking of expenses like travel and IT expenses, etc, can be carried out seamlessly. We harness the true potential of automation for your organization, through our HRMS software tailored to suit your kind of business.
Fabhr - Payroll

Customize Salary Heads

“One size fits all” rule definitely is not an apt line to describe Payroll slip. Every company can decide how they deduct or award their employee, given that they follow the basic government guidelines. Our software allows you to create payroll slips with clearly defined salary heads, customized to your company policy. You can add and remove certain optional salary heads, therefore, every penny that your employee receives in their bank account as salary is accounted for in their payroll slip. Our software for salary management therefore helps you build as a trustworthy company among your employees and other stakeholders.
fabhr - Pay heads
fabhr - Salary Structure Configuration

Compliance Enabled

One mistake in your payroll could mean unnecessary extra load of paper works and loss of time. You don’t want that, do you? Automation helps in creating in time, compliance enables payroll processing along the length and width of your organization. Our HRMS software helps you mitigate the chances of compliance related errors. We use leading edge technology that takes care that you roll out an accurate salary slip for your employees that complies to that standards set by the government. Deploy our HR software for a seamless and efficient payroll management that allows small and medium enterprises like yours to configure the compliance with the government rules.

State Wise Statutory

Undoubtedly, every industry, be it small, medium or big, is governed by state laws to safeguard the basic rights of each of the employees. Therefore, a lot of your HR teams’ time and effort is invested in making sure each of the payroll processes matches the compliances. To lower the stress and save time of your HR team, our payroll and expense management services in our HR software leverages the power of automation. Here all the state wise statutory compliances related to payroll processing is taken care of. Our HR software fulfills all the statutory requirements like Provident fund, professional tax, ESIC, LWF and so on, including processing of forms and challans.
fabhr - Bonus
fabhr - Weekly off Patterns

Pre-configured PF /ESIC

As part of compliance rules you need to provide PF/ESIC to your employees if you have a minimum work staff as described by the government of the state. Most of the time and energy of our HR team goes in calculating the PF/ESIC for each employee. This mundane tiresome task can be automated. Our HR software empowers companies by assisting them to automate the payroll process that specifically includes calculation of PF and ESIC of each eligible employee. With our free HR software, you can be assured of a high precision payroll system that generates accurate PF/ESIC amounts in the payroll report.

Track/Approve Expenses

Most often than not unkempt expenses leads companies to financial destruction.These expenses typically include petty expenses, purchase and travel expenses etc. Therefore it is imperative to have an organized expense management system for your organization. How small it may seem, it is an imperative part of an effective financial management. You HR team seam all the expenses in a fruitful and efficient way through automation. Our HR software lets you track all the expenses, creates automated expense approval forms, everything you need to make expenses more organized and flexible. We are the enablers of creating a hassle free, productive HR team, to help them maintain a clear record of all the expenses.
fabhr - Arrears
fabhr - Loans & Advances

Track Payouts

Effectively managing payouts is essential in helping your organization achieve better financial planning. It helps the HR team tos strategize ways to add profits to your organization’s account. Our HRMS software helps you track all the payouts at one place. It gives you a glimpse of past and upcoming payouts. Whether you are the one receiving the payout or you need to disburse the payout, every minute details can be tracked to keep all the crucial elements in place. With our HR software you open doors for organized payouts and an efficient expense management system.

Quick Download Salary slip

Payslips are important for every employee as it is one of the proofs of their association with the company. It also serves as a proof to state their financial stability for bank related procedures. Our HR software lets you download salary slips from anywhere at any time without any delay. Once the payments are made, you can download the salary slip for an employee upon request. Make way for a time saving automation solution that not only reduces the use of paper but also reduces ample time as you can download salary slips anytime and only when required.
fabhr - Gratuity
fabhr - Professional Tax

Income Tax

Every organization needs to follow basic income tax deductions like TDS, to comply with the statutory laws. The HR team therefore utilizes time resources in calculating and inculcating the income tax norms into the salary slip to generate accurate payroll reports. Just put in the numbers and our software will take care of the rest. We use each data and estimate the amount of income tax to be deducted from the final salary amount of the employees. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create concise yet precise payroll management systems.

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