5 Development Tools To Design Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

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5 Development Tools To Design Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

In the bad old days it was a real challenge for app developers to come up with apps that would do this well. Not anymore. Gone are the days when you needed seperate android app developers and iphone app developers. Thanks to cross-platform mobile app development tools like the ones we’ve listed below, it’s now possible to design slick, functional, productive apps that work across all mobile devices in a short amount of time.

They achieve this by they operating on the concept of WORA (write once, run anywhere), allowing developers to have code written on one platform run on multiple others. If you’re a developer looking to save time and make your app development more efficient then make sure you check out the list below.


Having been adopted by industry big shots like Microsoft, Foursquare, IBM and Dow Jones, it’s pretty clear that Xamarin is a pretty effective tool. This is because it enables developers to share code and design native apps for multiple platforms using only C# code base.


The free version offers limited features and compatibility issues prevent developers from using open-source libraries.


This great open source platform provides native APIs in Javascript. By using NativeScript, app developers can easily reuse the available plug-in npm directly into their projects.


Available resources are not extensive and useful examples and documentation on its features can sometimes be hard to come by.


RhoMobile is perfect for app developers working on multi-platform, native mobile and enterprise application. One of the major benefits of RhoStudio is that it comes with a free Eclipse plugin that allows app developers to generate, develop, debug and test applications in the absence of other hardware or emulators.


The RhoElements PRID plugin isn’t freely available for Windows Mobile/CE.


Monocross is the ideal platform for app developers looking to build interesting & interactive products. This open source, cross-platform network supports C#, Microsoft, .NET and the Mono framework. It also gives the developer full access to the native device API while still coding in C#.


Developers might find themselves in tricky situations as document and support from the Monocross framework is few and far between.

Kony Mobile Platform

Packed full of features like automatic coding, an app preview facility and API connection, amongst others, Kony Mobile Platform lets app developers quickly and easily multiplatform mobile applications.


The scarcity of resource support can occasionally create difficulties for app developers.
If all of this sounds a bit confusing then there’s no need to worry. At Lateral we specialise in designing beautiful, highly functional cross-platform apps that will enable you to compete in this highly competitive space. Get in touch with us today on (08) 6118 7221 to find out more.

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