Employee absenteeism: Causes and solutions

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Employee absenteeism: Causes and solutions

Employee absenteeism is the frequent absence of an employee from work. It excludes paid or authorized leaves. Business firms have leave policies for their employees because they understand it is not easy to show up for work every day. But when this leave becomes very frequent, it is called absenteeism and creates a problem for the organization. Few reasons for employee absenteeism and their solutions:

1. Employee engagement

Employee engagement is the practice followed in business firms to bring employees closer to each other and create healthy relationships. When employees don’t feel involved in their professional and social group, their morale decreases, and they tend to stay away from work. To avoid this, employers should ensure that they instill a sense of belonging among their employees and appreciate their efforts timely.

2. Flexible work schedule

A flexible work schedule has become a necessity instead of a luxury. Employees have their personal and social life along with their professional. Employers need to understand this and let their employees live a soundly balanced life overall. This will also help them to keep their mental health healthy and increase their productivity. FabHr HRMS software is the solution to all of these. It helps in keeping your employees engaged by providing in-built chat options and track your employee’s activity and productive hours. While offering a flexible work schedule, it is also important to ensure work productivity is not compromised. FabHr helps in all of the above-mentioned problems faced by employers and many more.